We offer computer readiness with approach for client 
across London. 
We will lend firm and honest assistance. 

Every day from 10:00 - 21:00

We are at your disposal.

As part of our offer, we provide the following services:

                         * Installing the software
                         * Installation of operating systems
                         * Backup
                         * Setting up Internet connections
                         * Remove the Administrator Password
                         * Installation of drivers
                         * Cleaning of the operating system
                         * Remove the hassle of software
                         * Change the size of the partition or file system
                         * Recover data from damaged storage 

Cleaning and maintenance of core components of the computer.
Cleaning the components are often easier to use the computer. The reason for the suspension of the equipment is often insufficient cooling.

With proper care, the fans and the power supply will allow more efficient 
operation and better cooling of your components.
 It also extends the service life and will save
You time and money. 

AP Computers
Web Design and Development
High quality and
low prices!

- Installation of Windows      10, 8,7, VISTA, XP
(Polish version, English)

- Change the system language

- Configure and repair the internet

- Recover deleted: images, data

- Add free: professional anti-virus and office suite

- List the components

- Assist in the purchase of equipment and
many other 

- Construction sites and online stores
- Graphic Design: business cards, advertising brochures
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