Our company was founded in 2007 and is engaged in the provision of professional services in the London area.
 We have extensive experience in the repair of computers and all things related to the topic of computer hardware and software.

Our services include computer repair.
We solve all the problems related to the malfunction of the computer. 
We offer professional website performance, designed and tailored to the needs of your company.

We make websites for both businesses and private clients. Each project is treated individually website.

Websites are easy to read, you can easily and quickly find the information you need.
 Rapid implementation, unique artwork and competitive, low prices! 
Websites in the era of universal digitization are simply indispensable.
 In addition to print advertising are the primary source for a business. Websites are often the first contact a client of the company.

The most important for us is customer satisfaction with our company performed services.

AP Computers

Web Design and Development

High quality and
low prices!

- Installation of Windows 10,8,7, VISTA, XP
(Polish version, English)

- Change the system language

- Configure and repair the internet

- Recover deleted: images, data

- Add free: professional anti-virus and office suite

- List the components

- Assist in the purchase of equipment and
many other 

- Construction sites and online stores
- Graphic Design: business cards, advertising brochures
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